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Welcome to RobertStreetTransit.com. This site serves as the focal point for information and public involvement opportunities for the Robert Street Transitway Alternatives Analysis. The Alternatives Analysis is a joint local and federal planning effort to determine possible improvements to transit service, which aims to ultimately identify a single transit route and mode for development in the future. Up-to-date information on the Alternatives Analysis and study reports will be made available here as the study progresses, as well as announcements for public involvement opportunities. Public comments and inquiries are always welcomed, and can be made on the Contact Us page.

Economic Development Study for Robert Street Completed

Uploaded 4/22/2014

Over the last few months, a study was conducted to gain a better understanding of how a modern streetcar line or arterial bus rapid transit (BRT) line on Robert Street would impact development in the surrounding Saint Paul and West Saint Paul areas. The Highway 52 BRT alternative was not studied, as development prospects near station areas are limited due to the proximity of on-ramps.

The findings of this economic development analysis will be presented to the Steering Committee on April 24, 2014 at 3:30 p.m. at the Dakota County Northern Service Center, Room 520 in West Saint Paul. The presentation and meeting summary from the Steering Committee meeting will be posted to the website soon after the meeting.

Final Round of Open Houses

Uploaded 4/22/2014

A final round of open houses is tentatively planned for early June 2014. Once confirmed, dates and locations will be posted to the website.

Alternatives Analysis Nears Completion

Uploaded 4/22/2014

Two additional Steering Committee meetings are scheduled for May 15 and July 17. At these meetings, the Steering Committee will consider the full evaluation of the final three alternatives (Robert Street Arterial BRT, Robert Street Modern Streetcar, Highway 52 BRT) and reach a consensus on which alternative can best achieve the project goals.

For more information on the final three alternatives and additional updates, view the April 2014 project handout Here

For past project updates, visit the news page.